Sunday, June 1, 2014

So What's Been Going On?

Not a whole heck of a lot.

It's definitely summer already and we've been cranking the A/C most afternoons. The mornings aren't too bad yet, rather pleasant, but around 3pm it starts to get kind of hot in here and I do not like being hot, so higher electric bills it is.

I got some junk mail the other day (well, actually we get junk mail EVERY day) and as I was tearing it up to throw it away I dropped half of an envelope on the floor and within seconds Little Miss Sit On Things was sitting on it.

Yesterday I got this little table from Walmart that matches the writing desk that I put together all by myself, so got busy putting this little table together that only cost $12.97 if you can believe that and how much do they pay those factory workers anyway? I took a little break between putting the legs on, came back, and apparently upside down half built tables make great cat sit upons.

I did shoo her away and finished the table. I'm not sure if I really like it or not, it is quite small but should work well beside the couch or a bed somewhere. For such a cheap piece of furniture it looks pretty good and is really heavy and sturdy. My writing desk has gotten a lot of use so far, it's perfect for crafting on.

Speaking of crafting, I decided to split my Mimi and Lucy Etsy shop into two shops, one for my gift tags and one for my brooch pins. My new shop is called Fat Pepper, and you can guess who that's named after. And she is really fat these days. We've been letting them go outside again for an hour or so in the mornings hoping they will get a little exercise but it seems like they go out and then just eat grass or roll around/sit in the dirt. Genie hides in her basket the whole time they are out there.
You can't see the enormity of her girth in this picture, but believe me, she is quite the chubby one.

Keith found a weird moth on our patio cover yesterday.

He put it into the tree where it blends in really well and looks like part of the bark. I've never seen such a huge moth in our yard before, I'm sure they've been there all along but I just though they were part of a tree. I certainly wouldn't have picked the thing up like he did, though.

Our front yard flower beds are doing really well, Keith planted some wildflower seeds that should bloom here soon and our climbing Black Eyed Susan has definitely been doing some climbing.

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