Tuesday, May 20, 2014

If You Are Constipated

Then find the nearest Tutti Frutti self serve yogurt shop, serve yourself up a big bowl of delicious frosty goodness, and you will be feeling just fine by the next morning. I guess it's the probiotics in the yogurt, kind of like Activia but instead of eating 3 Activias a day to make it work, just one trip to the yogurt shop does the trick. Plus, it's absolutely delicious.

Before we went to the yogurt shop last night (not necessarily because we were constipated we just wanted some yogurt) I made every attempt to fix a home cooked dinner for us, it being one of the odd nights that Keith was actually home and not sleeping in preparation for a late night shift. I made chicken fried chicken, which came out fine, then warmed up a can of baked beans, then while the baked beans and chicken were cooking, was also stirring up a packet of country gravy mix to go on the chicken and simultaneously cooking some frozen vegetables in the microwave. It's the using both saucepans and having the microwave going that gets me every time. I can't handle so many pots on the stove and trying to cook (okay, warm up) three or four things at once. It makes me crazy and the vegetables didn't get cooked enough and it was too late to stick them back in the microwave by the time we realized they weren't cooked enough so we just didn't eat them.

I spent about 30 minutes in the kitchen, which is an eternity in the hate to cook world, I used two saucepans, a skillet, and a bowl for the microwaving, then we had our plates, bowls for the beans because I hate bean juice in my other food, another bowl for serving the inedible vegetables, silverware and cups. So, tons of dirty dishes and we ate the food that took 30 minutes to prepare in about 5 minutes. Then I had to clean everything up. Big messy kitchen for a few minutes of eating. So not worth it.

If we could afford it we would just go out to eat every night.

We did go out a few days ago, downtown to the Rice Bowl Chinese restaurant, where we had been for the Conductors Union holiday party in January. We wanted to go back after eating there that night but kind of forgot about it, it being all the way downtown and me not being all that big on Chinese food. But I did like the orange chicken at the holiday dinner, so that's what I ordered and it was really really good. Keith got a big plate of ribs and chow mein and such and we shared an appetizer of salt and pepper chicken, which is basically crispy fried chicken pieces with salt and pepper on them. Sounds blah but it's very tasty.

There was way too much food so we took half of it home but orange chicken really doesn't warm up all that well, it gets a little soggy outside and dried out inside but I ate it for lunch the next day anyway. I was pleasantly surprised at the dinner bill, the hot tea is included with your meal so for three huge, and I mean huge plates of food it came out to $30.00 and some change. Plus lunch was covered the next day for both of us, well breakfast for Keith because that's when he ate his leftovers. We've spent way more than that for some dinners that weren't half as good, so I think we'll be going back there again. Soon.

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lynney62 said...

I laughed so hard I spit out my coffee when I read your blog headline today...priceless! :)