Thursday, May 8, 2014

Can't See The Forest For The Trees

Okay, remember yesterday when I said I wanted Keith to go get one more of the cheap trees from Walmart? They were actually $23.00 not $20.00 but a far cry from the $125.00 we paid for our first tree we ever bought, money that at the time seemed like a whole lot to pay for a tree, but not so much now that the tree is huge and provides lots of shade in the backyard.

Anyway, instead of buying one more $23.00 tree, he came home with four more of them. I wasn't sure what kind of trees these are, not being much of a botanist, and the big tag on the tree just said SHADE, but there was a little sticker on the pot that said Acer Saccgarinum, which when I looked it up, said Silver Maple. And in my research I found that silver maples get very very very big and need annual trimming because the branches get brittle and fall on you on a windy day. I'm talking up to fifty feet big, and it says not to put them too near your house because the roots are shallow and will crack your foundation.

So, where the heck are we going to put five (yes, FIVE) silver maples? I don't know but suggested that he take a few of them back to the store.

They are currently leaning on our side yard fence because the pots they are in are very small for such a tall tree, taller than our house already, and the wind kept blowing them over yesterday. They aren't real big around yet, but the research I did says they grow about 3 feet a year, and in 10 will be quite large. I guess we could just plant them and see what happens, hopefully in 10 years we won't be living in Bakersfield anymore (if we are even still alive that is!) and maybe we'll just let the new homeowners deal with giant trees in their yard.

Keith went off to work last night and apparently Buddy misses him today because out of a big bed to lay on he has chosen the pants that Keith left on the bed to nap on.

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