Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Keith Survived The Night - An Update

And came home in a good mood. Whew!

He worked with one of his classmates, Rocky, who also had not been on a yard job in months and months, so it was like the blind leading the blind last night, neither of them knew what they were doing at first. They slowly remembered what to do and made it through the night, getting most of their work done with no crashes or other errors and he was home by 9am. Fortunately, there was not a lot of activity in the yard last night, so nobody to yell at them for moving too slow.

Keith is now napping in his hammock even though it is kind of chilly outside. After all the heat last week, a cold front moved in and even brought a tiny bit of rain during the night and this morning. Don't worry, by the end of the week it will be almost 90 again!

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