Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Birds in the Backyard and Stuff

I've been very busy lately, not sure with what exactly except that I did have some big orders for gift tags in my Etsy shop. I used to have everything ready to ship but since I started making gift tags, which have been a pretty good seller, I make up one set to photograph and then if that set sells, don't make any more until someone orders them. I also set it up so that people can order multiples of the same set, which has worked out very well. I can print up the images and have sets made up in a day or  two, so really no delay in people's orders going out. So far anyway.

I had one regular customer who ordered quite a few tags and needed them in a hurry, so a day was spent making them and then getting them to the post office that afternoon. I also had another big order where I made 10 sets of one particular tag and then realized I had made the wrong set and had to start all over. Lesson learned, double check before printing up the images!

Anyway, busy days here doing that sort of thing and also keeping up with the cat boxes, cat hair covered floors, dishes, laundry, etc. How two people can generate so much laundry and dirty dishes I don't know. Maybe it's the small house, a pile of laundry looks much bigger in a smaller space? I do vacuum or carpet sweep every day, so don't get grossed out at the mention of cat hair.

I've mentioned the bird feeder in the back yard and the multitude of birds that come calling. Since the weather has gotten so much warmer (hot actually) and bugs and such are out for the birds to eat it seems like not as many have been coming by in recent weeks, but we still hear them singing and have doves wandering about.

The new screen door in the back is the sunscreen type where you really can't see in, so this one dove had no idea that cats were salivating right behind the door.

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