Friday, April 18, 2014

Let's Play Spot The Kitty Cat

I guess Lucy is feeling better, but it is such a chore to get her pain meds and the pink amoxycillin into her mouth. And it's a pain to get her out of the garage where she spends her nights. And now spends her days since she won't leave.

She is getting very good at running off as soon as you get close enough to her to grab her. She does not like being picked up and put outside, she huffs and puffs very indignantly, and she really doesn't like being picked up and then having a syringe of medicine shoved into her mouth. She won't let you pick her up these days because she knows one or the other is going to happen, if not both.

But, I did get her out the other day and she went way way up into her tree where she spent hours napping like a cheetah by laying her body across a forked branch, with her head resting on one branch and her paws on the other. I was a little afraid she would fall out of the tree, but she is a feline, many of which do spend lots of time in trees, far so good.

She blends in very well with the tree bark, too.

She does have custom made platforms in the tree lower down, but if she's up this high we definitely can't reach her to put bad stuff into her mouth.

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