Saturday, March 8, 2014

Where Did The Week Go?

It's Saturday already? Actually, I thought yesterday was Saturday and was setting my clocks ahead last night, even calling Keith in Barstow, where he had just gotten in from yesterday's road trip, to remind him to set his watch ahead so he wouldn't be late or early or whatever for his return trip. After finding out that it was still Friday I had to go back and reset the clocks on the stove and microwave back to the real time for another day.

I do like the whole spring forward thing except for the bit of jet lag that it causes. I do enjoy the early evenings when it is still light out and you don't feel like it's time for bed at 7pm because it's been dark for hours already. Spring is definitely already here (and actually has been for weeks now) in central sunny California. Of course Spring is followed by summer and I'm sure it will be a hot one like usual.

Keith said the little bit of rain that we had a week or so ago made the desert bloom overnight, with green on the hills and little desert flowers blooming. He had a fun trip back from Barstow on his last run, the engine they were driving was an old one and old engines out on the tracks get found out quickly by rail fans who follow the engine to take pictures. If you don't know what a rail fan is, they are people who love trains and spend hours and hours (and sometimes days and days) watching trains, driving along following trains, taking pictures of trains, etc. As they passed through Tehachapi where even more rail fans were watching, he saw some small kids with their parents and I asked him if he gave the kids their thrill for the day by waving at them, and yes he did, and yes the kids were thrilled. Remember the days when you'd be on a long car trip and you'd see a trucker behind you and you'd make that kind of fist pumping gesture to get him to sound his horn? And how exciting it was if the trucker did sound his horn? That's the same kind of thing with trains and kids and rail fans, wave and smile, wave and smile.

Okay, I tried to watch the latest Hunger Games movie last night and I guess I'm too old for the Hunger Games because I got really really bored with it all and really really tired of the dark night scenes where you can't see what's going on. And while I like Jennifer Lawrence as an actress, I got really really tired of her in the movie too.

I did watch Nebraska with Bruce Dern and really enjoyed that one. Keith would have been bored to tears because so little actually happens in the movie, but I thought it was very good.

Keith was sick the couple of days that he was home in between trips, at first thinking it was allergies from the blooming desert, but then realizing it was an actual cold, probably caught from his engineer who had a cold. He is a big baby when he is not feeling good and spent an entire day in bed. He was also complaining about heartburn and his chest hurting for the past three weeks or so and I'm like Hello, you've been drinking a lot of coffee for the past three weeks or so, and acidic coffee is very very bad for your acid reflux disease that you were diagnosed with a few years ago. He's been taking thermoses of coffee on the road with him instead of drinking Red Bulls, but maybe that wasn't such a good idea. I suggested tea instead of coffee, still some caffeine but not so much acid. Yesterday he did take a thermos of tea and said it worked out very well.

And, other than that, boring business as usual around here. But at least the weather is nice!

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