Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Adventures in Food Ordering And Bad Ideas For Babies

Last week Keith got in from the road and called me from the station saying he was on his way home but was going to stop and get something to eat. I was hungry, there not being much in the house in the way of lunch food, so asked him to get me a burger or whatever. He drove through Carl's Jr, got his bag of food and came home.

He had ordered two of the six dollar burgers on their new baked right there buns or whatever it is they are advertising. Simple enough, right? Well, when we opened the bag there was one six dollar burger, but one with weird stuff on it and we figured out it was the philly steak burger or whatever disgusting concoction they came up with where there is WEIRD stuff on your burger and the other sandwich wasn't even a burger at all, but chicken.


Then, last night I definitely didn't feel like finding myself something to cook for dinner, so decided to ride the bike over to Sequoia Sandwich, where I knew they have a big salad selection, and ordered a southwestern chicken salad, hold the avocado. I got my bag of salad and rode home, opening my bag to find salad in a big plastic container with some sort of white stuff on top and a container of chili. The white stuff turned out to be sour cream, there was no chicken on my salad at all, and I realized that instead of a southwestern chicken salad I got taco salad. Sort of the same thing, being southwesterny mexican, but since when does southwestern chicken salad sound like taco salad to the order taker?


Okay, I don't mind at all when people dress up their dogs in costumes, the dogs seem to enjoy it because well, dogs enjoy just about anything, and usually they are out for a walk while in their costume which is the best thing EVER to a dog. Actually, anything you do with a dog is the best thing ever. I don't care for cats dressed up because they do not look like they are having fun, but rather look like they are plotting revenge.

So, dressing up babies in costumes. Cute? Usually, but there is something just wrong about putting a baby into a beard costume. Or one of those horrible pacifiers with the moustaches on them.

Case in point. This just disturbs me.

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