Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Flowers And Another Project Done!

Our back door screen was not really even a screen anymore. Genie had clawed at it (in an effort to gain our attention) so much that small holes grew into one big hole. Buddy discovered the hole and also clawed at it, making it into an even bigger hole, big enough so that last week he just jumped right through it into the back yard as I was sitting there, reminding me of a trained dog jumping through a hoop at a circus.

I guess it's time to fix the screen, what with spring definitely being here and summer not far behind. Being able to have the back door open during nice weather is something that we want to do, without bugs coming in and cats going out.

I had suggested getting one of those metal pet screens for the bottom of the door, so off Keith went to Home Depot for new screen fabric and a metal keep the cats from scratching the door thing. He got the screening that helps keep the sun out and actually got it all installed in one day. He's getting a little better at project finishing. Sort of.

So, new cat proof screen door.

I really like how our backyard flower bed is doing, but since it's on the back corner of the house, you have to be in the backyard to enjoy it. I wanted to see some flowers in the front yard, too, so Keith's next project was to move one of his hand built flower boxes that didn't have any flowers in it to the front yard. In the meantime we went and got flowers to put in it. The project is also actually finished but no pictures of it yet.

This is the backyard flower bed and the new flowers patiently waiting in the wheelbarrow.

Oh, and for anyone who is still buried in snow, it's supposed to get up to like 85 today.


lynney62 said...

It's nice to know spring still exists....hopefully that means I will see it someday too!! Still snow on the ground here and a north wind at 30's disgusting!! :)

Mom said...

Your flowers are really pretty, lovely colors. Look forward to some pics of the front yard ones.

It was lovely and warm here today, and I took the scooter to the store, in short sleeves, no jacket, with a wide-brimmed hat. The cashiers are always so nice, making sure the bags are balanced in weight so I can hang one on each handlebar and put a third in the basket. Then I can drive right into the kitchen and put stuff into the fridge or the cabinet without carrying heavy bags at all.