Monday, March 17, 2014

Handy Dandy Pillow

I'm so glad that Bear and Mimi still seem so attached to one another, all of the other cats lead their solitary lives, only interacting on rare occasions and that interaction is usually (at least in Buddy's case) to pick on the more timid cats. While we love Buddy, we should have named him Bully, because that's what he does when he gets in a mood, picks on Mimi until she cries, chases after Bear and Harri, and he and Pepper bat at each other on a regular basis. Bully, I mean Buddy, is always the instigator.

Mimi has been mean to Bear a few times, and Bear has been impatient with Mimi a few times, batting at her if she really doesn't feel like having another cat squeeze in next to her, but for the most part she is patient and loving and still thinks Mimi is her baby.

She makes for a good pillow, too.

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