Thursday, March 20, 2014

Buddy The Not So Brave

I've talked about how Buddy thinks he is a bad ass bruiser of a kitty cat, he has that my you know what doesn't stink look on his face all the time and if he doesn't agree with what you are doing he tells you in no uncertain terms, like if you cough and he is trying to take a nap he will meow this really disgusted you are bothering me stupid human meow or he will just bite you.

He's just so brave and kind of a bully except when the trash truck comes down the street.

I was washing sheets this morning and trying to put the bottom sheet back on the bed when OH NO the trash truck is coming and Buddy is trying to hide under the sheet while I am trying to make the bed. Usually the bed is made when the trash truck comes so he can just worm his way under the covers to protect himself from that horrible loud noise, but not today and OH NO the trash truck is coming and the blankets aren't here to hide under!

He sometimes tries to hide in the garage, too dumb to realize that sounds are even louder in the garage due to the lack of insulation in there, but there are more places to  hide and it's dark and maybe the monster won't find him in the dark.

Every week the trash truck comes and every week he hides.

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