Sunday, March 23, 2014

Total Carnage

I heard a thump the other day but didn't think a whole lot about it, when you've got so many cats in the house you do hear thumps on occasion and usually it's just another cat doing the things that cats do.

A little while later I notice Genie outside the back door and she is pacing back and forth like something is wrong and when I go to investigate her basket that she sleeps in by the door is on its side and there are feathers all over the cement outside the back door, hundreds and hundreds of little bird feathers. They are in her basket and on her blanket and on the ground and also in Genie's fur.

I look around for some poor bird's body but all I find are the hundreds of feathers and a few drops of blood. As I'm brushing feathers from Genie's fur, I find one stuck in her claw, so she is indeed the culprit, but I don't find the bird anywhere and I'm pretty sure she doesn't know that they are edible and hasn't eaten it. No feathers hanging out of her mouth in any case.

So, her blood lust has risen and birds watch out!

I still don't have pictures of the new flower bed since Keith decided it was too small and took out the wooden flower bed box and is in the process of making a much large flower bed with a brick border. He is almost finished with it, it being slow going because the ground is so hard here and it takes a lot of digging and hacking at it with a pickaxe to get it loosed up. It's going to look really really nice, though, it would be finished except that he had to go to work yesterday afternoon. Now we need to either buy more plants for it or he can plant the bag of wildflower seed that he bought, the large amount of plants we bought for the smaller bed having already been planted. We also did some flower pots that we had laying around, so our front yard is looking nice indeed, even though I had made up my mind that we weren't spending any money on gardening this year. Now, a few hundred dollars later, oh well...we will have a pretty yard at least.

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