Monday, February 10, 2014

I Hate The Beatles But I Do Like My Cats

Well, maybe hate is too strong of a word so how about extremely dislike? Am I the only person in America who really didn't give a crap that last week was the 50 year anniversary of The Beatles being on the Ed Sullivan Show? Am I the only person in America who definitely DID NOT want to watch the big Grammy or whatever it was tribute to this overrated singing group on TV the other night? Am I the only person in America who thinks that the older the Beatles get ( the ones who are still alive anyway) the worse they sound trying to sing? I am just so glad that last week is over with and I don't have to see or hear any more about the not so wonderful (in my opinion) Beatles and how they 'changed the world' with their (GAG) music?


But I do like my kitties most of the time.

Yesterday Keith was due home sometime midday from Barstow and I was patiently (or maybe not so patiently) waiting for him to get here so we could go get something for lunch, the fridge and pantry being somewhat bare, and he called me from a gas station over in Oildale where he was filling up the car, and I'm like what are you doing in Oildale, and he had stopped by to see if Joe was home. Which he wasn't because he was in Barstow. He said he would be home soon and had a surprise for me. I got a little worried and thought maybe the surprise was a stray kitten or puppy he had picked up somewhere, and while a dog would be fun, I don't think the cats that already live here would be too thrilled about it. Except maybe Bear, who would probably take that puppy under her paw and lick it like she did with Buddy, Mimi, and Lucy when they were babies.

It was not a puppy or a kitten, though, but a handmade cat tower that he bought from a guy a few houses down from Joe's who makes cat towers on the weekends with scrap wood and scrap carpet from his dad's carpet laying business. It's a very clever cat tower, with different carpets pieced together, and even little carpet cat paws on some of the platforms, but I don't think the guy actually cat tested them because the platforms are all just a bit too small. But Mimi loves the little doghouse (sorry, cathouse) and laid claim to it right away.

The little house is just barely big enough for her as you can see, with part of her sticking out of it. But, she is sound asleep here so it must work for her!

And here are some more cute Mimi (and Bear) photos.

It seems that Mimi is in all the pictures that I post, I swear we do have lots of other cats but they just don't seem to be in cute picture mode most of the time.


lynney62 said...

I just want to say I "dislike" the Beatles also! Always have..always will! Their type of music (if you can call it that) never appealed to me....but I must admit I'm a bit strange because I was never an Elvis fan either....Ricky Nelson was my teen idol...when I got a bit older I moved into the "Peter Frampton" fandom! LOL! Ah...memories :)

Mom said...

Naturally, being an "older person" I never cared for the Beatles, and am glad to see younger folks also think they couldn't sing very well!
As for Elvis, at first I didn't like him, but later on it seemed that he did get to the point of really having a good voice (or I mellowed??) I always wanted to be able to understand the lyrics, and he did them well, not like the more recent "singers" who either mumble the lyrics or do something that really can't be called "singing" in the first place.