Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Smelling Good And Maybe Some Rain

Well, maybe those Christians praying for rain is actually working, either that or it just naturally tries to rain this time of year. We have some big storms moving in later this week and over the weekend, storms that may get hung up in the mountains rather than raining in the valley as sometimes happens, but maybe, just maybe, we will see some rain. As long as it doesn't rain for forty days and forty nights after all that praying it will be really nice to see some precipitation. Plus, our car won't look so dirty.

I'm starting to see stories about some towns starting to implement water rationing, asking people not to wash their cars and water lawns on opposite day schedules. I guess we've always been doing our part since we never, and I mean NEVER wash our car. We should be embarrassed at how dirty it is, but we really aren't. I have sent Keith over to the $5.00 car wash a few times when I was trying to drive somewhere and couldn't see out the windows, but I think all in all we only wash it maybe twice a year. We really should be ashamed but hey, we are saving water!

No, our house is not as dirty as our car, our house does get cleaned on an almost OCD level, with daily vacuumings and constant wiping down of things. Well, the stuff you can see anyway. We won't talk about the sorry state of the garage. The garage that looks like a hoarder's paradise.

I'm a little spoiled and while we need rain and I'll enjoy any that comes, these past few days have been so beautiful here, yesterday it got up to 76 degrees! Perfect, perfect weather, just warm enough but not hot, nice and sunny, and so very very pleasant to have windows open and breezes blowing. I do enjoy the early springs here, sorry folks who are still covered in snow and ice!

I have long been a fan of Bath and Body Works shower gels and lotions, they just smell so good, but I've found a much cheaper and just as good smelling alternative. At holiday time I had picked up some gift sets of Bodycology body creams for some of the girls and got one for myself. I found that I liked the body cream much better than a body lotion, the cream being much thicker and well, creamier, and I really liked the assorted scents. I had gotten them at Target, but when I went back after the holidays to see what else they had, no Bodycology to be found anywhere. And then I just happened to find it at Walmart. I got a few of the body creams in assorted scents, big huge bottles, at like $3.97 each. Yesterday I was looking for body wash and found some Bodycology Wild Poppy scent, so got both body cream and wash, and oh, does it smell good! Now, while I still might order Bath and Body stuff online, our local store being way across town so it's easier to just order online, I think I'll be doing more Bodycology shopping, about half the price and it seems to be just as good quality.

I did look to see if they have an online store and they don't. Not too many stores carry it according to their store locator, just Walmart and K-Mart, if you even have a K-Mart anywhere near you anymore.

I do smell good this morning, having just taken a shower with my new Wild Poppy bath wash and then using my new Wild Poppy body cream.

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