Thursday, February 20, 2014

Praying For Rain and Other Things in the News

First off, this week is going much better work wise for Keith after his bad bad morning this last weekend. He is in a much better mood and his road trips are going smoothly so far, knock on wood.

There were a couple of interestingly strange stories on the news this week, the first being that a bunch of churches around town all got together and are spending the next forty days (and maybe forty nights, too) all taking turns praying for rain to end our drought.

So far it hasn't worked but if it does, more power to them! I just wonder if anyone's faith will be a little shaken if it doesn't rain, but like Keith said, the odds of rain within the next forty days are actually pretty good, even if it's just a sprinkle, divine intervention or not. Maybe they should throw in a rain dance or two just in case.

And, there is a clown shortage going on around the nation. Oh, THE HORROR! What about the children! Apparently, nobody is going to clown college these days, so if you are looking for a career, clowns will be in big demand soon.

We took a little drive yesterday, I had a few packages to mail and rather than dropping them off at Office Depot like I usually do (yes, they do mail there if you don't know that yet) I suggested to Keith that we ride up to the post office and view the almond trees in bloom along the way. Almond trees were on my mind after stories about how this years crop would be okay but next years is threatened because the trees need water in the summer to get ready for next year's blooming and almond production. And, there is no water for them.

I did see the almond trees (very pretty) but what was even prettier was a green field of something that we passed, a green field of something that egrets must like, because right by the road was a flock of snowy white beautiful egrets eating whatever it was in the field. Or eating bugs in the field or whatever it is that egrets eat. I wish we had taken a picture, but we didn't have a camera with us.

As we were driving, we heard a weird noise coming from one of the tires, a noise I had heard the day before but forgot to tell Keith about, and sure enough, there was a big bolt stuck in one of the tires. We get lots of things stuck in our tires in this town, I think that particular tire had already been fixed a couple of times. So, we stopped off at America's Tire over in the shopping center by us, thinking we could grab some lunch at Denny's while we waited. We ended up getting two new tires, last time we got tires we only got two, so the tire with the bolt in it and the other corresponding tire were quite old and we'd need to get some soon anyway.

Lunch at Denny's is nothing to write home about, but it worked out perfectly, we had just finished eating and were walking across the parking lot to the tire store when they called to say the car was ready.

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