Saturday, February 8, 2014

It's The Bomb!

Keith got very very very nervous last night after he got called to work, went on the website to do a little research to find out what kind of train it was so he could determine how fast it could go and found out that it was a munitions train carrying explosives! I tried to calm him down a little by saying things like the Army knows what it's doing when it packs guns and stuff, and I'm sure there is extra security along the tracks and it should all be okay and no, you are not going to blow up! He went off to work a little shakier than usual (he is still working on that whole anxiety thing and is faithfully taking his anti-anxiety pill each day) but this morning he called and everything went just fine. He worked with an engineer who had a little experience with this type of train, which the railroad guys call a bomb train, and being a high priority type thing they didn't have to sit on sidings for hours and hours like they do quite frequently. They got into the Barstow yard just fine and handed it off to the next crew and then went off to the motel to sleep for the day.

Other than that, nothing too exciting going on around here. I did buy something on Etsy last week and it came yesterday, something that I really didn't need but really wanted and I'm enjoying them a lot even if I haven't figured out where to hang them up yet.

They are those plaster plaques that were so popular back in the day that were upcycled with a new coat of pink! paint. I'm either going to put them in my bathroom with the other pink stuff or in the hallway. They are pretty good sized, each about 5" or so. I like their smiles.

After getting these, I remember doing plaster crafts when Jennifer was little, where you mix up the plaster and pour it into a  mold, then paint or whatever. There was a store in Ventura where you could get all kinds of already molded plaster stuff to paint, but with like so many hobbies you get tired of it after a while and on to something new. I thought, hey, why not try it again, make some kitschy looking stuff and see if it will sell in the shop. Unfortunately, none of the craft shops around here carry much in the way of molds, I did find two over at Hobby Lobby to try out and the plaster is cheap, so we will see how it goes. I found a craft store online that has lots of molds, some so tacky that you would be embarrassed to buy them, but some kind of fun, like the vegetables plaques that people used to have in their kitchens, and more fish. The one I would never ever buy is the toilet seat one that says 'If you sprinkle when you tinkle be a sweetie and wipe the seatie'. UGH. I have seen these for sale at craft shows over the years so someone must buy them!

Like this here. Double UGH.

And UGH again. I like kitsch but not this.

Anyway, I might order a few molds after payday and see how it goes, I will play with the ones from Hobby Lobby first.

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