Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year And Sparkly Balls

Well, it's a new year and a fresh new start. Diets will be started and diets will be stopped. Exercise equipment will be bought and exercise equipment will not be used. Resolutions will be made and resolutions will be broken, making us all feel like failures. My New Year's resolutions for the past few years has been don't make any resolutions. That way you won't feel any crappier about your lack of willpower than you already do. Or make resolutions that you can keep, like relax more or pet the kitties more often. Or take naps like the kitties do all day.

Yesterday I had four of them on my bed, one in each corner. The only one that was missing was Pepper, who is so cranky all the time that it's rare to see her share space with any of the others. They all know to steer clear of her most of the time. The only time Pepper is happy is when she is in a pet me mood and I get down on the floor with her and pet pet pet until she decides she has had enough and snarls at me.

My New Year's Eve was quite dull, Keith went off to work for an 8pm train, and I put on my pajamas and watched a movie. I was in bed by about 10:30 so the New Year hit while I was sleeping. Our neighbors a few houses down must have had quite the party, their yard was full of streamers and confetti yesterday morning, but I didn't hear a thing.

I've been renting quite a few movies from the Red Box this past few weeks, the holiday season being absolute crap for TV, and I like my TV in the evenings. I watched some good ones and one stinker, White House Down being the stinker, and The Way Way Back, Two Guns, and surprisingly Jack Reacher being the enjoyable ones. Oh, also The Heat which I really enjoyed, enough to make Keith watch it the next day after he came home early in the morning from work.

Sparkly Balls. Hardly any of the cats play with toys anymore, being all old and lazy I guess, but Mimi still gets in a mood to play and she really likes the soft little balls with glittery sparkly strands that hang off of them. Like these.

She gets into the basket where we keep the cat toys and is very selective about which ball she wants to play with, picking up and discarding balls until she finds the correct one. She then MEOWS because she has caught a prize! I wake up in the morning and can tell if she's had a particularly festive night by how many strands of glitter stuff I find on the kitchen floor and the carpet. These balls shed quite badly, almost as badly as the cats do. Part of the reason I vacuum floors on an almost daily basis.

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