Saturday, January 4, 2014

Mimi's Sitting in and on Things Again

I was in Target the other day, not having shopped there in a week or so, having done what shopping needed to be done elsewhere. I did need to pick up some meds, though, and until they all get transferred to the mail order pharmacy, Target it was. I happened to see these perfectly sized plastic bins while walking by the dollar spot and grabbed what few they had, thinking Keith might put some of his many many papers in them instead of all over the bedroom. And I mean ALL over the bedroom. Stacks and stacks of printouts from work ALL OVER the bedroom.

I also though Mimi might find them fun since just about anything she can fit in or on seems to be so much fun for her. So, I left one laying on the rug to see what would happen and by the time I took the others into the bedroom she was already investigating.

Yesterday I was working on some things in the bedroom and had laid some paper that was in my way on the floor by my paper box and, you guessed it, paper is a perfect thing to sit upon.

I am way behind the times when it comes to all that computers can do and have been using Picasa to lighten up my photos but had never investigated the other tools they have for photo finishing until the other day, and it was like why didn't I ever investigate before? So many cool things you can do!



Mom said...

If you need a place for Keith's many papers, I've got a hanging file on wheels you can have. It's got a couple of wire drawers below as well. Actually I have two of these, but the other one's drawers are jammed together at the bottom level.

PixieVintage said...

That is too funny! But at least you will never have to buy a paper weight LOL Mimi has such beautiful blue eyes.