Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cheap Bathroom Decorating

Not a lot going on around here. I spent the weekend washing just about everything in the house, sheets, blankets, cat blankets, etc. I also cleaned out my drawers in anticipation of the new bras and underwear that I got. Badly needed bras and underwear, I think most of my bras were at least three years old and very very dingy. I also did a little framing of some pictures I found on the internet with $4.00 frames from Walmart.

I think they came out pretty good and now we have something to look at while sitting around in the bathroom.

I went up to Winco yesterday and saw a woman wearing a t-shirt, pajama pants, slippers, and a long sweater that looked just like a bathrobe. And she was one of the more well dressed ones there.

Keith and I are both having a hard time remembering what day it is. He was gone all weekend and then got home way late at night on Sunday, slept and then turned right back around and headed out to Barstow again yesterday afternoon. He is getting a little nervous about the possibility of getting laid off, apparently rumors are flying about how 70 new guys in the division will get cut off since work always slows down after the holidays. I told him not to worry too much, if it happens, it happens, not much you can do about it. Sometimes when guys don't have work in one division they will travel to one that does, but apparently the only place that has any openings is in North (or maybe it was South) Dakota. Brrrr.

So, we will see. Hopefully he will be able to hold on to his job for the winter.

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