Friday, January 17, 2014

Spring Cleaning and Mimi Squishing Bear (again)

I know it is far far far from spring in most areas of the country, but here in the dry sunny West, it's definitely not winter. I was amazed to see on the weather report last night that Ventura on the coast is actually going to get up to 86 today. EIGHTY SIX! Unheard of for Ventura! Usually we are the hot ones while the nice coastal towns are in the balmy 70s and not in January but in July. Weird weird winter this year. We did have frost and freezing temps in December and I think it rained once, but this month so far has been no rain, sunny days, warm temps, and don't go outside because the air is not really very good for you. It's just strange. And worrisome what with no snow in the mountains, which means no water in the rivers, which means farmers won't be able to grow their crops, which means more unemployment in these parts. And higher food prices for the whole country.

Anyway, being as it's the New Year and there is no mud outside to track in the house because we are in the worst drought in like 150 years and it has not rained and isn't going to rain anytime soon, I kind of got in the mood to do some cleaning of things that don't normally get cleaned, like walls and inside cabinets and closets. I just did the under the sink cabinet and it's kind of like buried treasure in there, you stick stuff down there and then forget all about it. I organized all the cleaning stuff a little better, putting things like insecticides in one place and spray cleaners in another, and even found a can of self cleaning oven safe cleaner so maybe I should clean my self cleaning oven. I don't do the self cleaning cycle because the last time I tried it every smoke alarm in the house went off and those things are LOUD and I had panicked cats running underfoot while I was trying to figure out how to turn all of the alarms off and hoping that the fire department didn't show up in the meantime because I was sure that the whole neighborhood could hear those alarms.

Anyway, that might be enough cleaning for one day but we will see how the rest of the day goes.

Bear has a special spot on the cat tower in the bedroom, a box with a big opening in one side and a little opening in the other. She spends quite a bit of time in there, being enclosed makes her feel safe and nobody bothers her. Until yesterday. Mimi has quite the habit of cuddling up next to Bear, actually almost sitting on top of Bear, wanting some comfort and knowing that Bear will usually start grooming her like she did when Mimi was a tiny kitten. Bear is usually incredibly patient with her, allowing herself to be squished upon, sat upon, laid upon, and almost always complies with the unspoken be my mama and lick me request. Yesterday, Mimi needed some comfort and didn't care that Bear was in her hiding place box and just shoved herself right in there with Bear.

Not all of her fit in there, though.

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