Saturday, January 11, 2014

Weinermobile Sighting and Dinner at Olive Garden

We were heading into Vons' parking lot yesterday afternoon to go to the bank that is conveniently located inside Vons and what do we see parked out in front of the store but THE OSCAR MAYER WEINERMOBILE! The Oscar Meyer Weiner song immediately started going through my head.

I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner
That is what I truly wish to be
cause if i were a oscar mayer weiner
everyone would be in love
oh everyone would be in love
everyone would be in love with me

This is of course not our picture since we didn't have a camera with us. Which is too bad because we could have taken pictures of each other with the oscar meyer hot dog with a hole for your face cutouts that they had available. They were giving out stickers and weiner whistles to the kids, which we didn't qualify for. We looked in the windows though, and it would be way fun to be able to go for a ride in the weinermobile, that's for sure!

We didn't take pictures because while Keith's cave man phone can take pictures, he has no idea how to download them or where the cable is to do that with. He is upgrading to a real phone as soon as it comes in the mail, though, he needs one with internet access and texting ability so that he can access the company website when he is out on the road. He can sort of text on his old phone by using the keypad numbers for letters but it's easier for him to just call someone since it would take him about a week to type out one text. He has always been so against texting but is seeing the benefits of it now, if you need to ask someone a quick question about work or whatever, no disturbing them if they can't really be answering the phone, and a quick answer back if they are somewhere where they can text.

We did spend an hour in the AT&T store yesterday lining him up with a big fancy phone that will come early next week. The guy at the store was very helpful and told him to just come back in and he will help Keith navigate the thing. It will make for a much more expensive phone bill now, but it's kind of a necessity for his work.

We got a gift certificate for The Olive Garden for Christmas and decided to go have dinner there last Friday night. We didn't have dinner there last Friday night, though, after seeing the huge crowd of people waiting around for a table, thinking that maybe a weeknight would be less crowded. So, Thursday night we went back over there, going early at 5:00 to beat the crowds. HA. It didn't work. I guess everyone else in Bakersfield went early to beat the crowds, too, because that place was already packed! We waited about 20 minutes for our table and then perused the menu, wondering the whole time why The Olive Garden is so popular. Either that or Bakersfieldonians are all as lazy as me about cooking dinner. I had only ever eaten in an Olive Garden once before about 20 years ago, and while I don't remember what I ate, I do remember that it gave me some digestive discomfort (bad gas), so really had never wanted to go there again. But we had a gift certificate and a free meal is a free meal.

The service was good, but I needed to ask for more dressing for my salad, it tasted like none had been put on it. Keith got some lobster something or other and I got chicken with an apricot citrus sauce on it. The chicken came with broccoli (ugh) and asparagus (ugh) which I gave to Keith. So basically, my $14.99 dinner was just chicken with some sauce on it. I can't do the pasta dishes, pasta being on my can't eat list (sob!) but I did eat some forbidden breadsticks. I can't turn down hot breadsticks when they are sitting right in front of me, wafting their scent in my face.

Anyway, I still don't get why this restaurant is so popular, the food was okay but quite expensive for what you are getting.

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PixieVintage said...

I saw the Weinermmobile once a long time ago. Now the Oscar Mayer weiner jingle is going to be going through my head all night.... ♪ ♫ oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer weiner ♪ ♫ LOL