Saturday, December 7, 2013

I Fully Expected

To wake up and see snow on the ground this morning. Because that's what the weatherman said might happen.

But, no, the ground was dry at 6am, no promised rain and snow overnight. However, it did start sprinkling a little bit. Not quite cold enough to turn it into snow, though. Something that hasn't happened in these parts since 1999.

I know we are weather wimps here in central CA, moaning about how cold we are when it gets down below 70 or so. We did have frost on the ground the past few days and poor Genie's water dish was iced over yesterday morning. We have a warm box for her to sleep in on a shelf in the shed but she is too dumb to get in it. Instead she will sleep in her laundry basket with a blanket in it right outside the back door. I try to cover her up but then she jumps out and jumps back in on top of the blanket that is supposed to be covering her. I'm just waiting for the day when I discover her frozen solid in her basket.

We've been bringing Lucy into the garage at night, not that it's much warmer in there but at least it's dry and she has blankets on our old comfy office chair to lay on.

Keith may see some snow today, he went out on a dogcatch last night, where they drive a crew to meet a train and take over for the crew that has gone beyond their 12 hours on the road. He was being driven all the way to Barstow last night so is probably stuck on a train somewhere between here and there, probably waiting for his own dogcatch crew to come relieve them since there may be snow delays up in those mountains. Of course, if the train can't get through, it's doubtful that a van with a relief crew could either.

This is what most of the cats have been doing lately. Because it's cold outside!

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