Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chicken And Vegetables And What A Day I Had!

Yesterday I went back to the doctor for the results of my blood work and I knew my levels of bad stuff would be too high because I haven't been watching my diet as closely as I'm supposed to and have been lured into eating Christmas candies and such because when you go into a store and the first thing you see is Christmas candy and cookies and special Christmas flavors of ice cream it is very hard to resist.

I have a bad bad sweet tooth. And I'm not the type of person that is satisfied with just one Nestle's Crunch Jingle Bell chocolate, no, it's more like two or three or wait, half the bag at a time.

So, anyway, my diabetes levels were indeed too high and I'd already decided over the weekend that it was back to chicken and vegetables and other low carb delights and absolutely no more buying of Jingle Bell chocolates and no eggnog ice cream for sure. Most of my other blood work was okay, it's just the diabetes thing but it's not real bad, so with getting back on my low carb (boring) lifestyle and some new meds to lower my blood sugar, next time I go in should be looking better.

My new doctor said that Dannon light and fit yogurts were okay to eat, forget Yoplait because even the light ones have way too much sugar. You think you are eating something good when you grab a yogurt cup but really you might as well just eat a Snickers.

I went to the store after my appointment and got more chicken and some Dannon yogurts and while I'm finishing up my shopping and taking everything to the car my back seizes up in a painful spasm. My back has been achy for weeks now, but not real bad, just old person bad. But this time it was more than just an ache, I sat funny in the car going home and then getting out of the car once I got there was a trial, never mind bringing in the groceries and putting them away. Keith was home so I asked for his help because just bending over was almost impossible, but Keith putting away groceries is kind of hit and miss and he usually leaves stuff still in the bags or forgets a bag entirely. I'm picking up the yogurts that are kind of hooked together in a pack of four, and I drop a pack, one of which bursts open and sprays yogurt all over my pants, boots, kitchen floor, and even a cabinet door. I can't bend over, so I make Keith clean it all up. Ha Ha.

I decide to sit on the couch with a pillow behind my back for a while, but couch sitting seems to make it even worse, so I went in the bedroom to work on a few things, chair sitting seeming to be a little less painful.

Later in the day Genie is looking in the back door which always kind of creeps me out having a cat stare at me, so I go to give her a few treats and bang my knee on the door frame as I crouch down.

Then later I hit my head on an open kitchen cabinet door.


Hopefully today will be a less painful day.

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