Friday, December 13, 2013

If The Fat Guy Isn't Home

Maybe his pants will be an okay substitute.

Buddy loves Keith. Ever since he was a kitten he has wanted to sleep next to him. Before he got so big he would actually sleep on his neck and then when he couldn't fit there anymore, he would lay next to him with Keith's arm around him. He has almost never missed a night because no matter how much complaining Keith does about Buddy disturbing his sleep, he leaves the door open so Buddy can come in or even tells Buddy that it's bedtime and off he goes with him. He is so used to Buddy sleeping with him that the other night in the motel in Barstow he was patting the pillow next to him thinking it was Buddy.

Well, Keith is in Barstow again tonight, having taken a late late train last night and taking a late late train back again tonight. So, Buddy has nobody to curl up next to. I'm not about to let him sleep with me not that he really wants to anyway. I'm just not the same I guess. The only time Buddy really wants some petting from me is when I'm trying to do something on the computer and then he will stand right in front of the monitor.

Anyway, Keith is gone but he left his pants laying on the bed and since they probably smell like Keith, Buddy is sound asleep on top of them.

He's even snoring.

Keith has been out on the road for about 4 trips now, 2 as a ride along to familiarize himself with the trip, and 2 as a real conductor. He's still learning the ropes but things are starting to click in his head as he sees the practical aspects of all the rules. Come January he has more training and tests, so he better pass them! I keep nagging him about waiting too long to study and such and not getting his act together like he should be but I think he is starting to maybe learn his lesson about that sort of thing. He gets distracted easily, such as the day he spent about 4 hours in the garage looking for some tools, and the day he went and bought some plants for the back garden that he hasn't planted yet and probably won't for quite a while yet. That is if they even survive the freezes that we've been getting overnight. Genie's water dish was iced over he other morning and the gutters had slush in them. But, I guess that is nothing compared to what most of the rest of the country is going through right now in terms of cold weather, so I'll shut up now.

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