Thursday, November 21, 2013


Unbelievable! It's actually raining! Of course, the first rain we've seen in I don't know how long starts just as we are driving an uncovered trailer load of Joe's stuff from one side of town to the other. Joe called Keith as he was getting off work yesterday to see if we could come help move more stuff (and Oh Em Gee! that kid has a lot of stuff!) so we drove on over to help. The clouds were gray so we should have had some sort of warning, but IT NEVER RAINS HERE so we really didn't think too much about the gray clouds.

Until we had just started down the road from the old house to the new and saw lightning, that is. Now, just getting onto the road was a bit of an ordeal, as we pulled up to the house to load Joe said that the headlights on the truck he had borrowed from his girlfriend's dad, a very old truck with a trailer that the dad uses in his landscaping/gardening/tree trimming business, didn't seem to be working right and kept going on and off. So, they messed around with the fuses, one of which was being held in with a gum wrapper, and got the lights going again. Until right after we left the neighborhood when they went off again. They took the fuse from the windshield wipers and put that in for the headlights, and started off again. Only to pull over two more times because that wasn't working. Well, it turned out that the bright/dim switch for the headlights was on the floor and Joe kept stepping on it, not knowing what it was since cars don't have the bright button on the floor anymore.

Problem solved? Of course not, as soon as we started off again it starts absolutely POURING down rain and remember, the fuse for the windshield wipers was now in the headlight space so NO WINDSHIELD WIPERS. I don't know how Joe made it across town in the dark and the rain, we were following behind and my foot was on an imaginary brake the whole time because I was sure he was going to go off the road somewhere, what with the pouring rain and the slick streets and the fact that he couldn't see where he was going very well. I was picturing him with one arm out the window frantically wiping the windshield as he's driving along.

But, we made it, wild ride that it was, and of course the stuff on the trailer is all wet and needs to be dried off, and the refrigerator doors that he had taken off his old fridge were laying compartment side up and the compartments were all full of water, but we made it. He still has a lot of stuff in the old house, mostly train stuff and old computer stuff, and who knows what else. There were tons of cleaning products stuffed in all the cabinets, most of them never opened, because (quite obviously when you look at the house) his ex never did much in the way of keeping house.

We put Lucy in the garage last night and I was going to let her out this morning, but the rain started up again so she can just stay in the garage. I checked on her and she was quite happily sleeping on a blanket on our old desk chair so sleep away, Lucy!

I'm going to do some crafting in the front room with the window cracked so I can hear the rain. One bad thing about having a well insulated house with double paned windows is that you can't hear the rain, which is one of my most favorite sounds.

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