Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Note To Self

Never ever ever again go grocery shopping at Winco during the week before Thanksgiving. Just DO NOT DO IT.

I had kind of forgotten that it is the week before Thanksgiving, mainly because I really don't care all that much about Thanksgiving and am not planning on cooking turkey or anything crazy like that. I just needed a few things so that I could fix myself a halfway healthy dinner last night while Keith was at work. Just some chicken and bread for him and milk and a few vegetables was all I needed. So, off to Winco and while the parking lot looked a little fuller than usual, I didn't think too much about it because midday at Winco is always busy. I'm usually a fairly patient person, but after a while was tempted to start playing bumper cars with the multitudes of carts that seemed to be blocking every aisle. Every checkout was open, so I didn't have to wait too long, and apparently the man in front of me in line was as clueless as me about what week it was since he asked the checker if it was always this busy on a Monday in Winco. Well, DUH, it's Thanksgiving week, folks!

Anyway, our plan is to ignore the holiday, Keith may actually get the day off since the yard decided not to run some of the normal jobs that day, but since he is on the extra board if they need someone he will get called. We were thinking about going out to eat, but we'll see how the day unfolds. He's worked the last 5 days in a row and just went in for his 6th, so by Thursday he may just want to lay around the house and rest up. He is starting to feel better now that his meds have kicked in on his sinus infection but he still seems to just want to sleep most of the time.

Our rain last week was really something for these parts, downtown actually saw some flooding, partly from leaves and such that clogged up the drains, but mainly because some crackheads and/or tweaker methheads stole the copper wiring from inside one of the storm drain pumps and nobody knew about it until the pumps didn't work during the storm and the downtown streets turned into rivers.

Speaking of crackheads and tweakers, when we were helping Joe moved we all stopped at his favorite gas station/convenience store, where any size fountain drink is only 89c even the huge bucket o' soda size, and as we were walking up to the store a girl was asking everyone if they could spare some change. I just ignored her and commented on her to Joe, who said that she is always there, it's her job. Ha!

And, here is Mimi sitting in something rather than on something this time. I had my box of paper opened up on the bed and hey! a box! and paper! Yay! I must sit in it!

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