Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Oh Geez

I guess it's been a long time since I posted anything. Partly because there is really nothing to post and partly because Keith is working such weird hours (when he works, it's been real slow the past few weeks) and I don't feel comfortable sitting on the computer typing away when he's in the house. He used to think that all I did all day was sit on the computer, which really I don't do all that much. I might spend a few hours listing stuff on Etsy or looking around on Etsy or whatever, but as far as reading blogs or looking at news stories, not so much. I have a few sites that I'll take a look at but lately not even them.

Anyway. These past few weeks he has been working on the extra board, where your name is in the hat and if a job needs to be filled, you get a call a few hours ahead of time. You can check the board to see where your name is in the line up and kind of guess as to when you'll get called again, which lately has been only every 2-3 days. He worked last Saturday and then got called this morning. It's a good thing this week that he hasn't worked all that much because he has been feeling quite sick with what turned out to be a major sinus and throat infection. He kept saying how bad he felt and I kept saying maybe you should go to the doctor. I had an appointment for my annual checkup stuff on Monday morning, something I have been putting off for a few months, and suggested he call the doctor's office and maybe they could squeeze him in since I was going to be there anyway, and miracle of miracles, they had an opening. He got some prescriptions for antibiotics and a nasal spray and the doctor suggested taking an allegra each day to help keep his nasal passages cleared up. He's half deaf because of all the fluid that has been behind his eardrums and the allegra should help that clear up, too. I'm hoping he will start feeling better when all the meds really start to kick in.

Remember when one of the cats peed in my (thankfully rubber and easy to wash) crocs a while back? And I didn't know it until I stuck my foot in my shoe? Well, they DID IT AGAIN! UGH! Nothing worse than putting your foot in cat pee. Except maybe cat poop, but so far they haven't pooped in my shoes.

We've been helping Joe get moved to his new very old house. It was originally a farm house according to the neighbor, and at one time was surrounded by orchards. Now it is in the middle of a neighborhood over in Oildale, which is like the bad side of the tracks part of town, but also a neighborhood for people who live a little more simply, with older little houses, people who work the middle class jobs I suppose. Some of the houses I've seen in his neighborhood are really cute and really well kept up and then others are typically run down and ratty looking. When you only have enough money to pay the bills and buy groceries, home upkeep is low on the old priority list. It seems like every single house has at least one dog in the yard, too, the poor folks alarm system.

His house has a nice front porch to sit on and a big back yard for the dog. His two kittens have adjusted just fine to the new place and are very friendly. He's got 3 bedrooms, a good size living room, and a tiny kitchen and dining room. Kind of funky little house that had some additions added to it over the years. They don't have any hot water yet, though, the water heater is no good and is supposed to be replaced so they have to go back to the old house to take a shower.

And that is about all that has been going on around here. I know, just too exciting!

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