Saturday, November 30, 2013

So This Stuff Actually Works!

I had been seeing commercials for Oxytrol for women like me who need to pee what seems like every fifteen minutes, and when I went in for my annual a few weeks ago I asked about using it, mostly to make sure that it wouldn't interfere with any of my other meds. I saw a new person at the doctor's office, my old nurse practitioner having gone on to greener pastures or wherever she went. The new person is a physician's assistant and seemed pretty knowledgeable and said that she had heard good things about the results of Oxytrol.

So, I got me some. It's patches that you wear for 4 days and then replace, something you definitely need to mark your calendar about, because you kind of forget that you are wearing one and never mind trying to remember how many days it's been on. I'm on my third patch now and it really seems to help a lot. I can actually sit through a whole half hour TV show without having to wait for a commercial so I can run to the bathroom, and today I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things and didn't have to rush right to the bathroom when I got back. So, if there is anyone else out there tired of spending big bucks on toilet paper every week and tired of having to plan your trips according to where the bathrooms are, and tired of not being able to go across town without worrying about finding the bathroom as soon as you get where you are going, I highly recommend trying Oxytrol out. And, no, they are not paying me for this endorsement, but if they'd like to that would be fine with me.

Oh, and no problem taking your normal showers with these patches on, they don't come off until you are ready to take them off.

Other than not buying as much toilet paper, not a whole lot else going on. I did not go Black Friday shopping, something I have never done except once by mistake. I guess some people save up all year for it, but I've never had the money to go shopping right after Thanksgiving, because that is when rent or house payment has always been due, and after paying that there isn't much left over for big screen TVs or any of the other junk that people can't live without this time of year. What's funny is that you really aren't getting that big of a bargain, it's junk that they mark up and then discount, junk that you could probably find some other time of the year for the same price. But, advertising is geared to that whole if you don't buy it now you will never have a chance to again thing so people are fooled into the frenzy. The whole thing totally disgusts me actually. I still remember a few years back when that poor security guard at walmart was trampled to death. All for a big screen TV.

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