Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What Is That Stuff

Falling from the sky? Rain? What? It's raining? Something we haven't seen in months and months and months. It didn't rain a whole lot yesterday, just enough to wet the ground a little and smear the dirt around on the car. Fall is officially here, I guess. It was kind of cold yesterday, too, and it's still cloudy outside.

Keith got bumped off of  his yard job in the middle of the night on Saturday and gets a phone call at like one in the morning to let him know, so after some anxiety and some calls back and forth with Joe as to what he should do, he bumped another guy off of the late night radio control shift that he had been working a few weeks ago. So, he went off to work on Sunday night at 10:30, somewhat nervous about it since he would be the foreman on the job and in charge of the whole thing. I woke up Monday morning, peeked out the window and saw the car in the driveway so knew he was home, but after feeding the cats and getting my coffee, couldn't find him. His room was dark and I couldn't tell if he was in bed at first, but no Keith. He wasn't sleeping on the couch and not out in the backyard, so where the heck was he? I went out to check the car and there he was, sound asleep in the driver's seat. Good thing he waited until he got home to fall asleep at the wheel!

We've been watching the World Series, which I actually kind of enjoy. I'm not a big sports fan but baseball is fun to watch and you feel like you are doing something (I'm watching the World Series!) instead of just vegging out on the couch.

Other than that, business as usual around here, cats to feed and floors to vacuum and poop to scoop.

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