Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mimi Sitting On Things For About The 100th Time

She is indeed a sit upon cat. I've been working on stuff out in the living room lately, which makes a big mess but since I sleep in what was once my workroom now, and the computer sits on what used to be my workbench now, there just isn't enough room anywhere else to work. So, I set up a card table and use the table that used to sit behind the couch as my cutting table, and out in the living room I go. Where I make a big mess but I can watch TV or listen to the radio and don't feel like I'm working in some dark room shut off from the world.

Anyway, my paper cutter was sitting on the couch table thing which is not behind the couch but against the window and the sun really shines in that window in the afternoon so Mimi decided it would be a good place to sit.

And, speaking of silly spots cats pick to lay around in or on, Buddy is currently laying in the hallway with his head on the threshold of the bedroom door. Right where I have to step over him.

Now, how is the separate sleeping arrangements thing going, you might ask? I know it's a dirty little secret that married people don't want to admit to, not sleeping in the same bed or even in the same room as their spouse. What about togetherness? What about intimacy? Well, what about snoring and snorting and tossing around and having your sleep disturbed night after night after night? We are both guilty of snoring and making weird noises that keep the other awake, not to mention the tossing around. Keith says he gets a little lonely sometimes, but we both sleep much much better without worrying about keeping someone else from getting a good night's sleep. I highly recommend it if you can't sleep at night.

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