Friday, November 8, 2013

Still Incredibly Boring

I guess we are even more boring than usual since I haven't found anything to blog about since before Halloween. Even our Halloween was boring. Keith was sleeping so I put a bowl of candy out on the porch with a sign to take a few but don't be greedy in the hopes that would satisfy the little monsters and nobody would ring the bell. It worked pretty well with the doorbell only being rung once by a ring and run type. I should have just done like most of our neighbors and left the lights turned off. We even live on a boring neighbors street.

Keith went to work last night after having 3 days off. He was told to get off the job he had been working because ever since he asked for extra training the spotlight has been on him and he still has a few weeks of probationary period to go where they could just fire him at any time. He was definitely being very closely watched. He tried to get on the road board but there wasn't a spot open so went onto the extra board for the yard and guess what job he got last night? The exact same radio control job that he has been doing, except last night he got put on as a helper instead of foreman. He should be able to fly under the radar working as a helper instead of being in charge of a job, though, at least I hope so. He'll find out today if he can get out onto some road jobs after the bids close. He's nervous about that, though, since he hasn't been out on the road for quite a while and of course has forgotten almost everything about it. He got kind of used to a set schedule and sleeping at home, so if he does go on the road he'll have to adjust all over again to weirder hours and staying in the motel in Barstow.

Anyway, there is really not much going on other than that. We've pretty much decided to ignore the holidays this year since he'll be working them anyway. Railroad guys don't get holidays off. But I think they might get extra pay for it.

I looked over the other day and see Mimi sitting behind the ceramic cat lamp in the window.

Yesterday she was laying there in a nice sunny spot using the cats as a pillow.


lynney62 said...

LOL! When I first saw that pic of Mimi, I thought you had gotten 2 new kitties...that "cat lamp" looks so real....I swear Mimi loves to have her picture taken...she's wearing her "demure" look in these cute!!

lynney62 said...
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