Friday, October 4, 2013

The Rooster Crowed

Well, it wasn't quite so amusing to have a rooster running around the neighborhood when he started crowing at 5:30 in the morning yesterday. Nope, not amusing at all and roosters are LOUD.

Keith called animal control and they won't come out for a rooster, only rabid dogs, so he tried the college to see if they had an animal husbandry program and could use a rooster but they don't and he even asked one of the many gardeners that garden each week if they wanted a rooster, but no, nobody wanted the rooster.

The woman across the street in whose garage the rooster has been roosting found a feed store that would take the rooster, though, so it was quite an event yesterday afternoon to catch the thing. She and Keith chased it around for a while and then finally cornered it on another neighbor's porch and Keith grabbed it by the tail and stuffed it into a big cardboard box and off he went to the feed store.

So, no boisterous crowing this morning, but it was kind of fun to see a rooster wandering about all the yards and seemingly having a great time doing it.

Keith is working a late/overnight shift this week, doing radio control in the yard and trying to get the hang of it all without annoying his helper too much. He goes in at 10:30 pm and has been home again before I even get up. They have 8 hours to do a shift but if they get done early they can go home and still get paid for 8. Not bad, but kind of ripe for abuse with people trying to work too fast so they can go home. He is having a hard time trying to get enough sleep during the day, though, humans are just not meant to be nocturnal.

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