Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bad Bad Kitty Cats

So, this morning I wake up a little later than usual, actually sleeping until 7 am with only a few disturbances, Buddy climbing in bed with me once and staring at my face for a while and then finally lying down next to me for a few minutes, and then Mimi staring at my face and meowing because HEY IT IS TIME TO GET UP AND I AM HUNGRY!

And, up I get and go parcel out the dry food and open up the wet food can and it's always kind of fun to watch Buddy standing over all the food bowls on the counter that are waiting for the wet food to go in them, staring into each bowl like the food will magically appear if he stares long enough. Sometimes I like to trick him and go to a different counter, wait until he follows me and the cat food can over, and then go back to the original counter. Anyway, everyone gets fed and food is taken out to Genie and food is taken out front for Lucy where I have to sit with her to make sure one of the stray cats doesn't come and try to steal her food. They can hear her crunching a mile away and they can hear if I go back inside and as soon as the door shuts they are on the porch looking for her leftovers.

I go into the bedroom to make up the bed and get dressed, and here is a big kitty turd laying on the carpet conveniently next to the kitty box, so I guess I'd better clean that up and might as well clean out the box since I have to get a bag for the turd on the floor anyway. I take the bag of cat poo into the living room to throw it in the trash, and here is cat vomit on the living room floor. Sigh.

So, I clean that up and get out the spray carpet cleaner stuff because not only is there a stain from that vomit, there are two other stains from yesterday's vomit that need to be cleaned. That gets done and I might as well go into the garage to clean out that cat box so I go to put on my plastic Crocs that are laying in the living room, laying where I left them after mowing and weed whacking the yard yesterday, which totally exhausted me and was a good reason for leaving my still grass smelling shoes in the living room. Which is where I usually leave my shoes because then they are handy for slipping on to go into the garage or outside.

I slide my foot into my shoe and IT IS WET AND THERE IS A BIG PUDDLE IN AND AROUND MY SHOES and OMG somebody peed on my shoes! Ugh. So, now I have to wash my feet and my shoes and clean up another stain on the floor.

Thanks, kitties, for making my morning so pleasant and memorable!

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