Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some Cookies And Somebody Is Feeling Much Better

Keith is off today, he worked an overnight shift on Tuesday and then slept most of yesterday, only taking a break to watch the World Series game. He is studying his signals and rules and all that and has a much better outlook on his job. I think he just might make it after all!

I was going through some recipes and cooking magazines that I have stuffed in a drawer, looking for something to make for lunch and dinner, and found a cookie recipe that sounded good and easy. I also found a recipe for frito pie that we had for lunch yesterday, basically hamburger and pinto beans cooked up with some spices and some water and then poured on top of fritos. It was okay but a little much, not something I would fix on a regular basis, and not very healthy what with all of those fritos. I made a bbq chicken salad last night, the recipe called for nectarines in with the chicken and lettuce but that just sounded wrong to me, fruit does not belong in a salad with lettuce in it as far as I'm concerned. The dressing was made with bbq sauce, which Keith doesn't really like, so he had ranch on his salad. The dressing was good, but bbq sauce only belongs on chicken, not on lettuce, so that was something I probably won't make again, either.

For the cookies, you take cinnamon graham crackers and break the big crackers into the 4 pieces, you know, where they score the big crackers to make little ones, and then you put some peanut butter between 2 of the small crackers and then dip them into melted chocolate. They are good, almost tasting like a twix bar, but let me tell you, breaking those big crackers up was a pain in the you know what. I guess really crisp fresh graham crackers just don't break well, so you have to kind of cut them with a knife and even that didn't work all that well. The cookies were rather messy to make and are messy to eat, the chocolate coating is just a cup of chocolate chips melted with 3 tsp of shortening, and while the shortening is supposed to help keep the chocolate from melting in your hand, it doesn't work too well.

So, here is my idea for some even better graham cracker cookies. Take some marshmallow creme instead of the peanut butter, and then use the chocolate coating that is actually meant for melting and dipping things in, the candy coating stuff, and dip the cookies into that instead. And, instead of peanut butter and chocolate cookies, you get s'mores cookies!

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

I like the smores idea with that chocolate that hardens, makes perfect sense! :) Glad your hubby is feeling better now too. xo.