Monday, September 2, 2013

Still Thinking About Those Doves and Some New Sheets

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the whole mourning dove hunting season and the idea of eating them, because why else would you hunt them? I don't think you would have them stuffed and mounted like a deer or a fish. I'm guessing that if I were served dove and didn't know what it was (not like picky eater me would actually eat anything that I didn't know what it was, but anyway) it would probably taste okay. Unless they serve it with their feet attached like that one commercial where the woman is looking up a recipe for some kind of bird but decides it's too much work or something and then they get into their new car and go to a restaurant where they are served the same birds as in the recipe with their legs sticking straight up into the air, and GAG!

I am looking at the doves at the bird feeder in a whole new light, though.

They are kind of fat (and probably quite juicy) from all the bird seed they eat.

I am going to go buy some new sheets for Keith's bed today. We have had the same set of sheets on that bed for I don't know how long, probably at least five years, and they are getting rather threadbare. I've never really liked the sheets anyway, because the bottom sheet is very hard to get onto the thick mattress and despite my attempts to mark the top and bottom ends of the sheet with a sharpie, every single time EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I go to put the sheet on the bed I always have it going the wrong way and get totally frustrated. I bought a set of sheets for my bed that ACTUALLY HAVE TAGS that tell you which is the top and bottom and which are the sides and why doesn't every sheet manufacturer put those tags on the sheets? Plus they have two rows of elastic and slip right onto the mattress with no tugging, pulling, and frustration.

I asked Keith what color he would like and he jokingly said pink, so maybe I will get him hot pink sheets today. But, maybe not, I'll just go with blue or beige or something equally boring.

Keith is in Fresno today where they will be taking their skills test on switching and a bunch of other stuff having to do with train cars and all that. He was doing a little better these past few weeks, but still very anxious and nervous and all. They had a meeting at the yard yesterday to go over this week's training and he came home before leaving for Fresno with a new 'I think I've finally got my head out of my you know what and am feeling much better about this job' attitude. Maybe it was hooking up with his fellow trainees or the pep talk they all got or the realization that there are 9 other guys going through the same thing and they seem to be doing okay, but something seems to have turned his head around and maybe he will settle down and actually make it through all this. And lose some of that anxiety on the way.

He was also told to stop worrying about there not being enough work (which was a HUGE worry for him) because his class is in the perfect position to take over for guys that are retiring or going elsewhere and and none of them should have to worry about chasing work or going out of state because there is no work here. So, big sigh of relief and hopefully he will pass his skills test today.

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