Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Few Ups and a Lot of Downs

I'm starting to get almost as stressed out as Keith is. He went to Fresno on Sunday afternoon and was all worried and anxious on Monday waiting for his turn to take the switching scenario test. They didn't get to him that day so he had to stay another night and do the test on Tuesday. He did really well with only one mistake, and came home with renewed confidence in himself so I was thinking that maybe, just maybe he will get through all this. Then yesterday he went down to the yard to do a study group with some of the other guys, with only a few of them showing up, and found out that he still had some computer modules to get through and it's all on things that he has no clue about. So, he comes home all worried again and spent the rest of the evening trying to study this stuff that he is somehow supposed to know.

I think a lot of the problem is that he has always worked under other people where he was told what to do each day and didn't have to really think about what he was doing, just get the job done. This railroad thing is just so different and you have to think every minute about what you are doing, and then this whole having to use the computer to do just about everything else thing is just really messing him up. He HATES computers and HATES having to use them.


When he got home on Tuesday he unpacked and left his little suitcase on wheels thing on the floor, and you guessed it, perfect spot for Miss Sit Upon Things Mimi. It's been a while since she has sat on something, but I just looked down where I have a plastic box sitting on the floor, and guess who is sitting on top of it? Yep.

I've decided that I am just about sick of summer and sick of being hot and sweaty all the time. I'm ready for some cooler weather, which can't be too far down the road because when I was in Target today getting a few things for dinner I noticed that the Halloween candy is starting to appear on the shelves. I couldn't resist a bag of s'mores flavored candy corn. I have not tried it yet, but am certainly looking forward to it!

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