Monday, August 5, 2013

We Made The National News Again

And, again, it's not for something good.

Let's see, we are the fattest city in the country, the dumbest city in the country, one of the worst air quality cities in the country, and now we can't even implode a building right. If you didn't see it on Yahoo or World News on Saturday night, a man who was watching the implosion from an area that was deemed safe to watch it from had his leg cut off by flying debris. Four other people got minor injuries. The poor man whose leg was cut off may lose the other one and is currently in a hospital in Fresno in serious condition.

The people who were hurt were across a big field, across a four lane road and an irrigation canal and behind a chain link fence in the Lowe's parking lot. The videos of the implosion do show stuff flying off the top of one of the towers, which apparently wasn't supposed to happen. I thought it was all one building, but it was actually two towers that had been linked together with walkways, and one tower fell east and one fell west, and here is what it looked like.

In other news, you may have seen the story about cotton candy flavored grapes, soon to be on store shelves everywhere! Nothing artificial, just a grape grower doing that thing where they cross pollinate or whatever it's called to make a new fruit. He's also experimenting with grape soda flavor. Yum! The story ended with 'live from Bakersfield, California' and I went hey! a local grower!

Can't wait to try these!

Keith got back from his first full ride to and from Barstow on the train, getting his first rides through the Tehachapi Loop and learning quite a bit about being on the tracks. He seems a little calmer and more confident about the job, but still worries about things like will there be enough work and a spot for him when he's done training. I keep telling him to try to take things one day at a time and STOP WORRYING! He didn't get called out last night so is home today until they call him again.

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