Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Big Bang

Yes, I love the TV show, but this post has nothing to do with that.

Across the highway from where we live there is a huge abandoned PG&E power plant that has been idle for years and finally is being demolished. I'm not real sure what they are going to do with the property once it's all cleaned up, but probably another shopping center or whatever. Anyway, they've been pulling it down for what seems to be a long long time now, complete with one accident where a worker was killed, and today they had scheduled the implosion of the big huge center building/plant/whatever it is. A big building. That's all we really need to know.

They told us on the news the past couple of days that the road next to the plant would be closed early in the morning and if you parked on Rosedale Hwy to watch, you would get a ticket. Keith really wanted to go watch, but he left sometime during the night to go to work, I have no idea when, I just know that when I woke up at 5:30 he was gone.

I totally forgot about the planned implosion, and let the cats go out in the back for a bit (yes, that trying to keep them inside didn't last long) and went to get a cup of coffee. As I'm opening the refrigerator door to get my creamer, I hear what sounds like big piles of wood falling right inside the house or maybe an earthquake coming and as I'm turning around to see what the cats have gotten into now, they are panicked and running into the house and then there is a huge BOOM and I remembered what it was. Oh, yeah, the implosion.

The cats stayed hidden for about an hour afterwards, and later I rode the bike over to the store and also to see what was left of the plant. I expected to see huge piles of rubble, but it just looked like they cut the building in half and the two halves are just kind of sitting like the tower of pisa, leaning way over. I don't know if that is what was supposed to happen but it didn't look at all like I imagined it would.

So, that was our excitement for this morning, I guess the sound was like a sonic boom, no windows rattled, but it definitely was loud.

I tried out my little microwave egg cooker and it works pretty well although not real appetizing looking. The first time I used it the egg tried to escape out from under the lid which looked kind of creepy, but this morning it stayed inside where it belongs. You crack the egg and stir it up a bit and add bacon or ham if you want and it's sort of like a mini omelette. It actually tastes better than a fried egg to me and is certainly WAY easier to fix.

I put mine on one of the Thomas's high fiber 100 calorie english muffins, which are okay but do not taste as good as a real english muffin. But not a bad breakfast except for the copious amounts of butter I put on my english muffins.

I also tried bbq chicken breasts in the microwave the other night, with boneless chicken breasts, a recipe that you usually bake in the oven for like 40 minutes, but in the microwave it only took 4 1/2 minutes and tasted about the same as the oven baked version.


Mom said...

Hmm...every implosion I've seen on TV leaves the building flat!

Your egg cooker looks neat. I make omelets in my small frypan, just right size for 2 eggs. You're right about Engish muffins not being as good as the "real thing". I get muffins at Lassens with ground flax seed, gluten free oats, and either carrot/raisin, or cranberry/orange, now and then blueberry ones. They make a good lunch, and really taste good, too.

Jennifer said...

I heard that one of the workers at the implosion lost a leg from flying debris. A girl I went to school with watched it and posted a video on Facebook. It was pretty loud.