Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How To Treat A Boil (In The Groin Area)

Okay, well first off the word boil is okay when you are talking about boiling water for a cup of tea, but not so okay when you are talking about something that has occurred on your body. And not in such a nice part of your body, but in the GROIN area. Groin is also a not so okay word, you'd think that when naming body parts they could have come up with something a little more poetic for that area, not to mention other areas with kind of icky sounding names.

Anyway, I was looking up home remedies for boils (ick) in the groin (ick) area because I am afflicted with one at the moment. I've had one in the same spot before and it's kind of tricky treating it because I can't really see it and it's hard to put compresses or whatever on the crease between the top of your leg and private parts. But, it hurts and gets irritated by underwear and my pants and makes me walk funny because it hurts.

Keith helped me out the other day, getting it to drain (ick) and it seems to be healing but I was curious as to whether the hot compresses I've been putting on it are actually helping. Which they are and is one of the home remedies that seems to be preferred.

I remember having a few boils (ick) as a child, one on the back of my neck that I still remember screaming as Mom tried to drain it, and one on my thigh that I still have a small white scar from.

So, I'm looking up home remedies and come across one that lists what you need to treat your boil (ick) and among the supplies needed, it lists bacon. Bacon? What? Do you eat some bacon? What the heck?

No, you don't eat the bacon, but rather apply it to your boil (ick).

And this is word for word what it says to do.

Roll some bacon in salt and wrap the meat in between two pieces of cloth. Put the cloth on the boil and repeat this until the boil comes to a head and drains. The fat from the bacon and the salt can bring the boil to a head and drain it so it heals faster. Be careful because this can get messy.

I like the part that says be careful because this can get messy. I did not try this home remedy, mainly because I can't see trying to put bacon in my groin area, but also because we do not have any bacon in the house at this time.

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