Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mimi Sitting On Things And Laying Around

Mimi has two spots that she really likes for taking her many naps. One is in the bedroom right in front of the closet, actually right up against the closet door. The other is right smack in the middle of the hallway to where she blocks your way whether you are coming or going from or to the front door, coming or going in or out of the living room, coming or going in or from the bathroom, etc. Right in the what I think is the worst spot for a cat to lay. If you aren't paying attention, she is ripe for tripping over or stepping on.

Keith thinks she lays there because she knows you have to step over her and maybe will stop long enough to give her a belly rub.

I have a couple of cookie trays that I don't use for making cookies, but rather for things that I'm working on to dry on or glue to set on. I had one of the trays on the bench in the bedroom, I was cleaning and dusting in there and it was a handy place to set it until I found a better place.

Well, something sitting on something else is just too tempting for Miss Must Sit On Things, so she did. And she looked very comfortable doing it. I was kind of surprised to see Buddy right next to her, they aren't the best of friends lately.

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