Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh Poo!

Yes, this is a post about poo. Specifically cat poo.

I deal with cat poo (and pee) on a daily basis, but usually it is confined to the cat box where I scoop and scoop some more, two boxes, twice daily each. The most fun part of my day!

The outdoor cats are not such an issue since they go poo somewhere in the yard where I don't usually see it or have to clean it up. Keith made them some nice dirt areas where they do their business and then cover it all up. Except for the past two mornings when I guess Genie just couldn't hold it anymore or else got the poo scared right out of her by the other cats coming outside in the mornings.

I wish Keith had never started the letting the indoor cats out into Genie's territory because it is now a huge issue with cats greeting me in the morning wanting to be fed, wolfing their food down, and then congregating by the back door waiting for me to open it. Genie eats her food and then immediately jumps into her basket on the back yard table because she knows that after breakfast comes interlopers. Mean interlopers who ganged up on her the other day ( Buddy and Mimi ) and chased her around the yard and then snarled and scratched at her.

Yesterday morning I got the cats to all come back inside for the day and then went out to give Genie the 'all clear' and give her some treats so she would know that it's okay to get out of her basket now, the mean ones have gone inside. She was cowering down in her basket so I picked her up and was immediately bowled over by an incredible stench coming from her and her basket. She had gone poo right where she lay and had poo on her legs and on her basket blanket. Runny poo, either from a change in her food, or a parasite, or her not feeling well, or whatever, but icky stinky runny poo.

I threw the blanket away and got some wet rags to clean her up, and felt SO AWFUL that the poor cat had been laying in all that, too afraid to get out of her basket and go poo somewhere else.

So, this morning I was only going to let the cats out for 30 minutes tops, and then I see Mimi up on the table beside Genie in her basket. Mimi is fascinated by her and either wants to play with her or attack her or something, but Genie will have nothing to do with it, so was again cowering in her basket, not looking at Mimi in the hopes that if I don't see you, you don't see me.

I got everyone inside and then went to give Genie her treats and AGAIN poo in the basket. And all over her legs. Not as runny as yesterday, but runny and gross enough. The new blanket (which was actually an old towel ) got tossed in the trash and Genie got washed off with wet rags (which also got tossed in the trash ) and tomorrow nobody is going outside. Buddy will be in a snarly grumpy mood all day because of it but I can't keep throwing away cat blankets and having Genie covered in fear induced poo each morning.

Okay, enough of that.

I found Bear laying in the cat tower yesterday, but I guess she is too chubby to fit her entire body inside the box or her head was hot or something.

The other day she and Mimi were laying under the couch blanket that hangs down in front to the floor. Bear loves to lay under there, I guess it is somewhat private and dark and makes a good napping spot except when I forget she is there and step on her when I'm trying to sit on the couch.

Yesterday afternoon I was feeding everyone and Bear didn't show up for dinner. I looked around the house and couldn't find her and should have looked by the couch, because there she was, just her tail and part of her fat belly showing from under the blanket, sound asleep and unaware that everyone else was eating.

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