Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nothing Much

Yikes, it's been a week since I posted anything! Must be because our lives are so exciting and busy, right? Um, not really.

Keith left yesterday afternoon to drive to Barstow and spend a couple of days there working on a local train. He had been waiting somewhat anxiously for the phone to ring with an assignment for this week, but his trainer was having a hard time finding a crew for him to train with, so he had a 4 day weekend basically. He had a rough week last week, getting nervous and anxious again thinking he will never learn all he needs to learn, but his trainers had a chat with him and kind of eased his mind some. We've also been working on his learning to take things one day at a time instead of worrying about things that might happen six months from now. He spent the 4 days studying his rule book, then studying some more.

It's always strange when he has been home for days and then is gone again. I do kind of like having the house to myself again and not having to fix dinner, but it just feels odd when it's time to go to bed and nobody else is home. Or waking up and having the whole pot of coffee to myself.

We did go out to eat last Friday night. We had seen commercials for the Sizzler steak and all you can eat shrimp special so went across town to a Sizzler that we hadn't tried yet, just for a change of pace or whatever. The food is Sizzler, nothing all that special, but I was really impressed by how friendly and attentive the staff were, from the girl who took our order to the guy that brought our iced tea and food. They also brought some really good warm dinner rolls instead of the usual cheese toast, and I could have just eaten dinner rolls for dinner, forget the steak, they were that good.

It was a nice relaxing break from the usual and of course we ate too much.

Oh, we have a new freeway in town! For a few years now they've been working on this 5 mile stretch of road that is supposed to help ease the congestion on Rosedale, which is one of the few east/west roads through town and is a huge pain in the you know what during rush hour. This new freeway is called the Westside Parkway and I guess sort of helps but doesn't actually hook up with the 99 freeway yet, so isn't really all that useful.

It was one of the biggest news stories we've had in a while when it opened a few weeks ago, with ribbon cuttings and a reporter filming the ride. We took our ride on it, and Keith actually uses it on his way to work and saves about 5 minutes and lots of traffic lights.

And that is about all that is going on around here.

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