Monday, August 26, 2013

Angry Kitty

I have not let the cats outside since Friday morning. Buddy is a little crabby about it. The others kind of stand and stare at the back door for a while and then go 'oh well' and wander off to do something else, like eat, sleep, or poop. Buddy wanders around making his 'I'm not very happy' grumbling meow that he does. It's like a grumpy cross between a growl and a meow, so I think I will call it a greowl. Greowl, greowl, greowl, all around the house. Or like yesterday when I was trying to work on the computer, just get up in your face so you can't do anything else but pet me and rub me and let me rub on everything on the desk and if you don't do it right I will BITE you.

Genie has not pooed in her basket since, though, and she seems a lot less stressed out. She still thinks they might come out in the morning and does hide in her basket after eating, but then I go out with some treats and reassure her that nobody is going to chase her or scare her anymore and she can wander the yard without fear.

Keith is stuck in Needles as far as I know. He got called out on Saturday afternoon for work, and was scheduled to go on the long haul that goes through Barstow and out to Needles and so far it's been quite the disaster. After trouble on the way out with having to sit and wait for hours to get started, and somewhere a train had derailed or some other problem, they had to stop working after their 12 hours were up, change crews on the train, and the van had to come take them to Needles over the old route 66 which apparently is not in very good shape, the main road being closed for some reason. This was like 3 or 4 am and the rough road made it hard to sleep in the van, so by the time they all got to the motel they were very very tired. Then the rains started in the desert, torrential rains coming from the hurricane that is going across Baja. Keith was talking to me on the phone while it was pouring down rain there and completely sunshiny here. Then he calls later and says that flash floods have piled debris up around the railroad bridges so nobody is going anywhere until they check out all the bridges to make sure they won't fall down when a train goes over them. So, as of this morning I don't know if he will be sitting in a motel room in Needles or on a van back to Barstow or what's going on.

So, he might be home later today and then again maybe not.

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