Thursday, August 15, 2013

How To Entertain Your Cats In Two Easy Steps

Step One:

Have your husband, who has been in a bad stressed out mood for weeks because of his new job get mad at having to wash bird poop off of the patio because the bird feeder is right next to the bricks. Decide to either stop feeding the birds or move the bird feeder somewhere else.

Step Two:

Move the bird feeder closer to the house where you can still see the birds and they won't poop on the patio.

Wait a few days for the birds to find it and there you go, instant cat (and human) entertainment.

Buddy and Mimi spent at least two hours laying at the back door yesterday, totally transfixed by the birds in the feeder and on the ground. I also enjoyed sitting on the couch and watching all the doves and little sparrows getting their fill. Until the big scrub jay comes along and muscles his way into the mix.

Please disregard the sorry state of our backyard, it is (still) a work in progress. And will never be finished.

Now, Keith's stressed out mood. He just can't seem to stop worrying about this new job and what's to come down the road and all the studying he has to do and how he can't seem to retain all of this information. He was ready to quit the other day but I think after talking to Joe and me trying to get it through his head that he just needs to take it one day at a time instead of worrying about what's going to happen 3 weeks from now, he seems to have calmed down a little and may just make it through. We also refilled his testosterone now that he has insurance again and it doesn't cost $275 a month which we couldn't afford so has been without for almost a year now. When a man has low testosterone, it makes him tired and cranky and lose muscle tone and all kinds of other health issues, and I'm hoping that now that he can start getting his hormone levels back up it may help him even out and not be so damn tired (and cranky) all the time. We will see.

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