Thursday, August 8, 2013

More About Boils and Some About the Weather

It's feeling much better today. So far anyway. No, I didn't put bacon on it but did get some neosporin gel that also has a pain reliever in it and also put some good old fashioned petroleum jelly based balm on all the irritated areas around it. We will see how it goes after I actually get dressed and maybe do some walking around housework type stuff and maybe even get the lawn mowed.

Yesterday the high was only 90 and that was only for about 5 minutes. Only 90 in August is very very unusual for us around here. It's almost cool enough for a sweater first thing in the morning. Feels wonderful! We may luck out this summer and break a record for the least number of over 100 degree days. It's nice not to turn on the a/c first thing, too, but to actually open up a window instead. Well, nice except for the fact that someone down the street has a leaf blower going and the air smells of onions. Must be onion harvesting time.

Keith has been gone on the road quite a bit this week and the novelty has quickly worn off for him. He got home yesterday morning and didn't think they would get called again until this morning so he didn't get enough sleep yesterday and just as he was thinking of going to bed at 9pm the phone rang. So, off he had to go again on only about 4 hours sleep. Lesson learned, go to bed as quickly as possible after you get home from a trip. He is still worried about whether or not he can actually do this job and hears stories of guys who work hard but then get fired for some rule infraction and then starts to worry about doing something wrong and getting fired. It's frustrating because after listening for so many years about how badly he wanted to work for the railroad, now that he has the job it isn't quite what he expected and who knows if he will stick with it. Sigh...

Anyway, nothing much else is going on. Yesterday I actually took a nap because I was just feeling so tired and not all that well, but me and naps just don't go together and I usually wake up feeling worse than before the nap. So, I try not to nap. That morning I had gotten woken up right after 5 am with a bad cramp in my calf so last night took a potassium pill and put some muscle relaxing activon stuff on my leg before going to bed because I was so fearful of having another cramp (painful!) that I was afraid I wouldn't sleep well. The potassium/activon seemed to do the trick and I slept well and feel a lot more rested today. Ready to go mow the lawn maybe!

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