Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dumb Things On Etsy

This was on the front page the other day. Rocks. Expensive rocks. Three rocks for 12.00 plus another 12.00 to ship them to you. Is it really so hard to find rocks that you need to spend 24.00 for three of them?

Oh, wait, they are RIVER rocks. SPECIAL rocks.

It reminds me of the old Peanuts Great Pumpkin Halloween show where poor old Charlie Brown looks into his trick or treat bag and says "I got a rock."

You've got rocks in your head if you are dumb enough to spend 24.00 on three rocks, despite them being extra special river rocks.


Last night the phone rings at 2 am and Keith is supposed to report to work at 3:15. Then the phone rings again and no, wait, we don't want you on that train after all but stand by for another call. Then another call comes and he left. I'm thinking he got on a train here in Bakersfield, but he called about 8 am and they took the crew to Barstow in a van to rest up for a train coming back to Bakersfield sometime tonight. So, he'll be gone until tomorrow sometime, and it's a good thing that he slept all afternoon and evening last night.

I'm sure everyone has seen the news about bagged salad with parasites in it causing lots of people to get sick. Just another reason not to eat bagged salad as far as I'm concerned. I guess you can't control where the lettuce comes from if you get a salad at a fast food place or restaurant, but bagged salad is just something that picky eater me just can't eat. To me it smells funny and tastes funny and usually has pieces in it that are either turning brown or in the case of the carrots they put in there, all dried up and kind of nasty looking.

It really is a lot more cost effective to just buy heads of lettuce and such and make your own salad. If you really like the convenience of bagged salad, you could probably pre-cut it all up and put it in your own bag. Me, though, I like my salad as fresh as possible, and very crispy, no soggy limp lettuce, my picky eater stomach turns at limp lettuce.

Buddy had another wound last night, his under the chin one has healed up just fine, but last night he is laying on the couch with me and I see a drop of red stuff on his chin. I get a damp paper towel to wipe it off which really made him mad at me, and it was blood. For the rest of the evening he went around with this blood stalagmite (or is it stalagtite) thing hanging off of his face. It's gone today so whatever made his chin bleed appears to have healed up. Keith thinks that it was Mimi who got him the first time with the really bad wound that made him feel sick, so I was thinking Mimi's claw got him again. For some reason the two of them really enjoy getting into it with each other, with one or the other of them starting something up on a regular basis. Kind of like human brothers and sisters fighting all the time.

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