Monday, August 12, 2013

Another Exciting Weekend

Keith got home on Friday, drank some beers, slept some, laid around, and then repeated it all on Saturday, with less beer because he drank most of it on Friday. He was so tired from the week on the road that Saturday was mostly spent napping. Too much excitement!

We could have gone down to Ventura and visited with everyone on Saturday since Joe asked if we wanted to come, but Keith was just feeling too tired to make the drive and wanted to study, which he didn't get done on Saturday, but did do some of yesterday. So, it is his fault that we didn't join the party and I hope everyone else had fun!

This week he is back in the classroom and will take his mid-term test which he will hopefully pass and then on to more training. Maybe he will feel a little better after he gets a chance to catch up with the other guys in his class and see that they are feeling just as overwhelmed and wondering what they got themselves into as he is. We will see.

I got rid of the huge mushrooms on Saturday when I cleaned up and mowed the yard. This really should be Keith's job but I've been doing it most weeks for a long time now. Every once in a while I tell him it's his turn because actually he does a little better job than me with the weed whacking part of it and that's the part that I really don't like, that weed whacker is a pain and it's difficult for me to get the edging done properly with it. Pulling those mushrooms out of the ground was almost vomit inducing, they are just so creepy and disgusting, and again, who first thought of eating those things, anyway?

This morning I actually had enough energy to get the house (or at least most of it) nice and clean and vacuumed and mopped and dusted except for the knick knacks which I will do tomorrow. Laundry has been started and dishes washed and now it is time for a shower because I am all hot and sweaty.

We've actually lucked out with the weather so far this month, no 100's yet and I haven't had to turn on the a/c until late morning or early afternoon. Very unusual!

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lynney62 said...

I want to wish your husband lots of luck on his upcoming midterm exam! Starting a new job is really difficult much to learn. But I'm betting he'll do "good luck, Keith"! :)