Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Off To Work!

Keith, that is.

Today starts his on the job part of his training, with him having just left for a 3pm shift in the yard. He's a little nervous about it all, there is just so much to learn. It's also freaking hot today, but they provide bottled water and ice and he got a new hat with a neck flap to keep the sun off of his face and back of his neck. it feels very strange for him to leave for work in the afternoon, I'm so used to all the years of him going off early in the morning. One good thing is that I don't have to cook dinner for the next five days!

He did a lot of studying the past few days and also did some work on that darn patio again. Yesterday he poured some cement and Mimi was outside with him. I went out to sit under the misters for a few minutes and see Mimi sitting in the cement pan. Because if there is something laying around to sit in or on, she will do just that. Fortunately, she wasn't smack in the middle of the wet cement, but off to the side where it had mostly dried already. I did get a wet rag and wiped her legs and belly off just in case. She is about the only cat who will actually allow me to wipe her off like that, and she actually seems to kind of enjoy it.

I'm ready for a quiet rest of my afternoon and evening, I mowed the yard this morning and did some housework and then had to take a shower because if I didn't mention it before, it's HOT and I worked up quite a sweat out there in the yard.

I had been looking for a carpet sweeper, something that us older people grew up with our moms using, but something that kind of went out of fashion with lighter weight vacuum cleaners and such. I am used to vacuuming every morning to keep the cat fur levels down, but was wondering how I would work my schedule around Keith's sleeping times, when he works real late or overnight, he's not going to want to hear a vacuum cleaner going at 7 am. So, my mind remembered carpet sweepers, but trying to find a carpet sweeper in a store is just not possible. So, online I went, ordered one from Walmart.com on Sunday, and it arrived today. I had just gotten the notice that it had shipped this morning, so was quite surprised when the Fed-Ex truck pulled up with my carpet sweeper while I was out mowing the yard.

It works pretty darn well and will be great for when I don't want the noisy vacuum cleaner out. Plus it's all 'green' and doesn't use any electricity, so I'm all into the eco friendly thing now with my carpet sweeper. In fact, I did find a carpet sweeper company online that advertised that exact thing.

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