Monday, July 1, 2013

Hot Hot And More Hot!

If you don't know that the west is having a record breaking heat wave this week, then you haven't been watching the news. It is indeed HOT here. It is supposed to get up to 110 today and 112 tomorrow. Hot.

I got my hair cut off this morning. I am so lazy and so cheap that usually I get just absolutely sick of my hair and how hot it makes me and how crappy it usually looks and end up chopping it off shorter myself, but last night decided I would actually go and pay someone to cut it for me.

I rode the bike over to Great Clips right as they opened at 9, and 10 minutes later walked out with chin length hair, a little longer in the front. It feels strange, like when we were kids and Mom would cut our hair in the dreaded pixie cut style every school year and you would go to brush your hair and almost knock yourself silly when the hair stopped but the brush kept going. Mom, I know it was easier for you for us to have short hair, but I think the reason I've always let my hair grow long is from the childhood trauma of short hair, ha ha! We used to put towels on our heads after our baths and pretend it was long hair.

Anyway, I think I will like the short hair much better because I would always put the long hair up in a bun or ponytail and at almost 58 years old, I think I am WAY too old for ponytails, so...

Keith starts training on actual trains tomorrow, he is working a 3pm shift and he's had a 3 day weekend just because of the way the schedule worked out. The last 3 day weekend he will have for a long long time. Of course, he decided to work outdoors this weekend on his never ending patio project (instead of my laundry closet doors, yes I'm complaining about that again) and of course it's the hottest weekend of the decade. Instead of being inside in the nice air conditioned house, he is outside in the 100 plus heat.

I'm just going to keep in mind that in about 6 months I will be complaining about how cold I am. Bear with me, folks!

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