Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gee Thanks, Buddy

We seem to have an extraordinary amount of vomiting cats lately, whether it's because they've been going outside each morning and eating grass and weeds, or if the heat is making them a little nauseated, or if, as in Buddy's case, they catch a bug that leaves a bad taste in their mouths. Buddy was staring at the floor behind the couch the other night and when he stares at the floor I know something is up. Sure enough, he had brought in one of the disgusting outdoor cockroaches we have around here that come into the garage for Buddy to find. It's belly up with it's (ugh) feelers waving (retch) and so I pick up my shoe and smash it to make sure it's dead before I put it in the trash, because I don't want to have nightmares about cockroaches in the trash coming back to life or whatever.

This morning I found another cockroach belly up and feelers waving in almost the exact same spot as the other one. Right by where I left my shoes so I'm wondering if Buddy was planning to hide it in my shoe and I guess I'd better check them before putting them on from now on. I have started to put on my shoes and found cat toys in them before, but thankfully no cockroaches yet. It seems that it will only be a matter of time however.

Anyway, I'm in the bedroom just now and I hear the unmistakable sound of a cat hacking something up and go investigate to find Buddy vomiting on the carpet, and then he goes over BY MY SHOES and as I'm yelling BUDDY DON'T PUKE ON MY SHOES, well we all know what he did. I'm just glad that all I wear for shoes these days are rubber crocs, which are very, very comfortable and if  your cat vomits on them all you have to do is wash them off.

I just went around the living room and sprayed carpet cleaner on all the other cat vomity spots from the past few weeks.

And, speaking of catching bugs, I wish I'd seen this one. Keith is in the living room and Buddy is outside and he comes to the door with a dragonfly between his teeth, dragonfly desperately flapping his wings trying to get away. He then put his prize on the doorstep like all good hunting cats do, and left the poor half dead dragonfly still fluttering and flapping away right outside the door.

Keith just left for work again, his 3rd day on the 3pm shift, and he is really working hard! The job is called a herder job, and basically what they do is herd trains. Lots of walking and inspecting and climbing up and down and moving cars here and then moving them again there and he came home the first night with leg cramps because it was so hot out there. Last night he stayed an extra couple of hours to help finish the job even though trainees don't get overtime, just a daily salary. The shirt that he was wearing was on the washer this morning still soaking wet with all the sweating he did.

He slept most of the morning, getting up around 11, and then took a bath with epsom salts to help with his aching muscles, then another nap, and then off for another night. He was very tired today and it's going to take a while for him to get used to the odd hours and different sets of muscles used in this line of work.

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DancingMooney ♥ said...

Hope Keith is drinking lots of water, heat stroke and dehydration can cause muscle cramps too, so I've recently learned... ;)